Laveno Mombello

In the bay of Laveno you will find one of the largest ports for pleasure yachts of Lake Maggiore. It is also the largest city located on the banks of the Lombard part of the Lago Maggiore. All year round you can cross the lake to Verbania Intra by ferry included the car. The ferry departs several times an hour.


With regard to tourism Laveno is the main town on the Lombard shores of Lake Maggiore.


The center of the city is located in a large natural bay overlooking Verbania-Intra, on the other side of the lake. In the extreme north and south of the bay are two forts. On the hill to the north is the great Garibaldi, surrounded by a park. In the east, just above the village is the beautiful mountain Sasso del Ferro.

Using a cable car that takes you to the top of the mountain, at a height of 1062 meters, it offers a panoramic view on the lake, the Alps and on clear days you can even see the city of Milan.

Laveno comprises two railway lines. One is the line of Ferrovie Nord Milano. Which leads you through Varese to Milan. Laveno is the terminal station from this route Milano-Laveno. The second is the line of state railways, coming from the canton of Bellinzona and Milan.


Laveno also has a fortress called Forte Castle. Dating back to the Middle Ages and been restored by the Austrians in 1800. Because of its location on the mountain this fort has an excellent overview of the entire city. in this way control over Laveno was possible.

The fort consists of two layers. The long walls in the shape of a cross are well preserved. Visitors can climb the observation tower.

The fort served a long time as the central station's defence sysem by the Austrian occupiers. It was built in three phases. First, the outer walls of medieval origin (the so-called siege) even without the inside. Austria (1850-1858), Second: the tower (1889).

This to commemorate the Battle of the Alps from Garibaldi hunters (30-31 / 5/1859) Third: The home of an ossuary. It has a wonderful panoramic position and has its bed in a public park.

Places of interest

On the Via Roma is the parish church of San Felipe and Santiago, which originated in the thirteenth century and was modified in baroque style in 1700.

But it has retained its precious Biroldi organ. Not far from this place, we find the current Town Hall. It is located in the majestic Villa De Angeli Frua and was constructed in the mid-1700s by Lavenienses Tinelli.

The city owes its name to this individual. The town house is surrounded by a park full of trees and offers beautiful views over the lake. The library is here accommodated and provides text presentations in the garden or in the same room of the library.

In summer the garden is used for outdoor screenings of feature films.

Ferrari day at Laveno Mombello